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I have always loved drawing and remember as a child always having  pencil near to hand.

I was blessed with the most wonderful art teachers who all instilled in me that being an artist didn’t mean you were restricted to one medium it meant that all aspects of art and design were to be explored and enjoyed and to these people I am indebted.

From this education I have always been interested in many aspects of art and design and painting came to me much later. I started in textiles gaining my degree from Birmingham. After University I went to work in Fashion and Fashion Graphic Design. Once I moved to the Chilterns, and started a family, I became hooked on the countryside around me. I found a passion for drawing British Wildlife and this developed into painting and printmaking. I wanted my paintings to be strong and have an element of wildness about them to capture the essence of the beautiful creatures. I found the best media to be Watercolour as this allows for fluidity whilst also being uncompromising.

Watercolour is a wonderful artistic medium that can create the most exquisite textures and ethereal qualities depending on the techniques used. I have been exploring and experimenting with these for over 10 years. Teaching allows me to share my love for this medium. I love watching a student discover joy and satisfaction in their work.

My style is fluid and experimental whilst holding a realistic interpretation of the subject matter. I love incorporating pastels into my work alongside stencilling and collage. When teaching I encourage the understanding of techniques, colour mixing and experimenting so that a freedom and confidence can be found in the work.

I run an art studio in Chesham, Buckinghamshire and teach Watercolour, Acrylics, Mixed Media, Drawing and After School Art Clubs.

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