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I really do consider myself very fortunate to be able to spend my time drawing, painting and exploring all areas of art and design but even after years of this I still feel as if I am a novice learning something new all the time. So to make something as bold as an Artist Statement makes me feel uncomfortable.


My earliest memories of drawing were when I was about 10. I used to spend my weekends in a stable yard mucking out horses to earn a riding lesson and I loved it. So much so that all I drew were horses and ponies. 


I was given a “How to Draw Cartoons” book for a Christmas or Birthday and this really started me off. It showed you how to break everything down and start with the shapes, then build on from there. I was hooked. I have always drawn this way ever since and I find for me it really is the fastest and easiest way to cut to the chase!

I currently teach Adults Watercolour and After School Art Club at Berkhamsted Arts and Crafts (we are still unsure as to how I sneaked in, but I am delighted I did!) and I run an Adults Watercolour Class in Ashley Green on Thursday evenings.

In addition to my work and classes I do give Demonstrations and Workshops all over and I do small group workshops in my Studio in Ley Hill Bucks.

Please feel free to get in touch with me for further information.

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